Infrastructure & Capacity Growth

Drive data growth with a strategic plan

As your data grows, you need a flexible and cost-effective server solution that supports your changing and growth needs. Building more servers or adding new storage rapidly to accommodate increasing processing and data availability requirements can add to your capital costs, management complexity and risks. The escalating expenditure on power, space, hardware and software can increase your total cost of ownership and limit new opportunities.

You need a strategic solution that streamlines your server infrastructure so that it cost-effectively supports your growing data. Infrastructure strategy and planning for server helps assess your infrastructure and build a robust strategy that aligns your IT with business goals.

We help you develop a strategy that cultivates the adoption of new software technologies & techniques, enables a more rapid time to market for new applications and helps reduce your carbon footprint with more efficient server use.

Robust, Streamlined & Cost-effective strategy

We use time-tested tools and methods to identify opportunities—such as consolidation and virtualization—to help optimize database server availability and server’s resources utilization while improving efficiency.

Using time-tested assessment methodologies, we help you address various device, process and management inefficiencies within your server environment. Our help you streamline critical operations to ease management and control operational costs. We also help you identify and prioritize your infrastructure requirements, suggesting alternative approaches to help you considerably reduce your capital expenditure and enable more flexibility within your server environment.

Risk, Utilization and availability

We perform a comparative analysis of your existing server solution and anticipated goals designed to identify potential gaps within your existing server infrastructure. Combining this with a comprehensive understanding of your requirements, our consultants develop a road map to help you optimize performance, improve availability and increase recoverability and operational resiliency within your server environment. We also help with DR site consideration, infrastructure with cost effective strategy.